Inducom Group - USA

Leaders in solutions, Inducom teams fit
perfectly into small, medium and large projects.

Dust Collectors

Safe, dust and fume-free environments with the help
of Donaldson’s collection and filtration technology


Wide range of solutions in air generation, with screw-type,
portable, piston-type equipment, with accessories for industrial air lines



Air &

Sanitary Equiment



Certificados Inducom

Teams with high standards

Inducom equiment
has the support of
international manufacturers

Innovacion inducom

Innovational projects

Always committed to
providing a solution to the most
challenging projects

Industria Inducom

Aplications at all levels

Multi sector solutions,
if you need to pump something,
Inducom can do it

General Industry Solutions

The industry in America is important because it transforms raw materials into products that satisfy human needs and generates added value to all production sectors.

Solutions for Agriculture

Latin America is the region with the largest export of agricultural products in the world. Inducom offers reliable equipment for the agricultural sector in Latin America, which represents between 5% and 18% of GDP in 20 countries in the region

Solutions for Oil & Gas

INDUCOM is a strategic ally of the OIL AND GAS industry, which contributes more than 10% of GDP in some countries in the region, providing quality solutions and advice on equipment for the production of crude oil and its derivatives.

Solutions for the Aquaculture Industry

Inducom is a key supplier for aquaculture in Latin America, where the sector is vital for food security. We offer a variety of resources, such as motors, pumps, blowers, and automation and control systems.

Construction Solutions

We offer innovative solutions for the construction sector in Latin America, with robust and efficient equipment for real estate infrastructure and public services. We are part of large notable projects in the region.

Solutions for Water Treatment

Inducom offers solutions for water treatment in Latin America, guaranteeing access to quality drinking water and solving recovery and contamination problems. We have equipment from the best brands in the world for proper management of water resources.

Costumer Testimonials

“The attention from the
Inducom vendors is fast and
timely. We have acquired electric motors
to couple to
gearboxes that move the
conveyor belts for the shrimp
we produce”



“They have helped us a lot in the
efficiency of our pumping system
for the manufacture of
liquid ice. Thanks to good
advice, we were able to obtain
high-performance and
efficient equipment for our process”



“Inducom’s attention over
time has been efficient.
Our plate heat exchanger,
highly used in our productions,
has maintained its correct operation up to now
thanks to the sense of service of the personnel
of this company”



I would recommend it, the previous adviser
helped me a lot in choosing
the equipment
I needed and
our new adviser
has not been lucky enough to meet him,
but he has supported me in what I have required


In this case, the mining explosives
manufacturing company
has chosen us to purchase
one of the products of which
we are authorized representatives, Waukesha


We have the best brands

Productos Inducom